Special Patrol Officer

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No.: OC-65661 Name: Special Patrol Officer
Type: Civil Service Exams Deadline: 01/20/23 05:00PM
Exam Date: 03/04/23 08:30AM
Salary: Varies by agency

Description of Duties

This position is responsible for maintaining order and providing security in public buildings, schools and courtrooms.  Persons employed in this position shall have all the powers of a peace officer, as set forth in section 2.20 of Criminal Procedure Law when performing the duties of protecting property or persons on such premises.  The employee reports directly to, and works under the general supervision of a Chief of Police, Sheriff or other higher-level staff member. 


Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must meet the following minimum requirements on or before the date of the written exam: 

  1. Retired member of a police or sheriff’s department in New York State, or


  1. Retired member of the division of state police, or


    C. Retired former corrections, parole or probation officer in New York State.


SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS TO CARRY OR POSSESS FIREARMS:  Special Patrol Officers may not carry or possess firearms while on duty unless authorized to do so by the Appointing Authority and a license has been issued pursuant to Section 400.00 of Penal Law (Section 2.10.37 of Criminal Procedure Law).  Where possession of the license is required, eligibility for and continued possession of the license is required for employment.


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