Deputy Sheriff Road Patrol/Police Officer

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No.: OC-63178 Name: Deputy Sheriff Road Patrol/Police Officer
Type: Civil Service Exams Deadline: 08/05/19 05:00PM
Exam Date: 09/14/19 08:30AM Price: $25.00
Salary: $47,434 - $78,880 annually (Monroe County)

Description of Duties

Deputy Sheriff Road Patrol: This is a professional law enforcement position in the Monroe County Sheriff's Officeresponsible for the impartial enforcement of all Federal, State and local ordinances, the preservation of peace and the protection of lives and property. Deputies maintain order by patrolling assigned areas and may also be assigned to specialized units. Work is performed in accordance with the laws, rules, regulations and policies and procedures of the Sheriff's Office. Deputies are armed during the performance of duties. Deputies report directly to, and work under the generaldirection of, a higher-ranking Deputy Sheriff.
Police Officer: This is a professional law enforcement position in a police department involving responsibility for the impartial enforcement of all Federal and State laws and local ordinances, preservation of peace, protection of lives and property, investigation of criminal offenses, apprehension of criminals and lawbreakers and other related work in accordance with the law, rules, regulations, and the administrative policies and procedures of the Department. The work consists primarily of patrol, inspection, investigation and enforcement tasks. The Officer is assigned an area to patrol on foot or in a motor vehicle, or is assigned specific duties or cases. Personal responsibility for the exercise of sound independent judgment is borne in both emergency and routine situations. Utilizes a computer in the performance of duties. Work is performed under general supervision. Supervision of others is not a responsibility of this class. May be required to rotate shifts on a seven (7) day per week basis.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from high school or possession of an equivalency diploma.
Age: Candidates must be at least nineteen (19) years old on or before the date of the examination to take the test. Eligibility for appointment as a Deputy Sheriff-Road Patrol begins when the candidate reaches age twenty (20).
Candidates who reach their thirty-fifth (35th) birthday on or before the date of written examination are not qualified except as follows: Candidates may have a period of military duty or terminal leave, up to six (6) years as defined in Section 243 (10-a) of the Military Law, deducted from their age for purposes of determining whether they meet the age requirement per Section (58) of New York State Civil Service Law.

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