Deputy Sheriff Jailor - Sergeant

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No.: P-72071 Name: Deputy Sheriff Jailor - Sergeant
Type: Civil Service Exams Deadline: 08/10/18 05:00PM
Exam Date: 09/29/18 08:30AM Price: N/A
Salary: $46,729 - $76,415 annually

Description of Duties

This position is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of the Monroe County Jail including overseeing the care, custody and well-being of inmates and ensuring that operations are carried out in accordance with established policies and procedures. Deputy Sheriff Jailor-Sergeants are assigned to supervise a particular unit such as security, or a specialized assignment such as prisoner transport. This position differs from Deputy Sheriff Jailor-Corporal due to its responsibility for handling more complex situations that require a higher level of decision making, and having less contact with inmates on a daily basis. Deputy Sheriff Jailor-Sergeants report directly to, and work under the general supervision of, a Deputy Sheriff Jailor-Lieutenant or Captain with leeway allowed for independent judgment. General supervision is exercised over Deputy Sheriff-Corporals, Jailors, and civilian staff.

Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must be permanently employed in the competitive class at the Monroe County Office of the Sheriff and must have served continuously on a permanent basis for twenty-four (24) months holding the position of Deputy Sheriff Jailor – Corporal immediately preceding the date of the written test.

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