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Exam Information

Title: GUARD
Exam #: OC-64807
Salary: Varies by Agency
Most Recent Test Date: March 02, 2019
Date Established: May 16, 2019
Valid Until: May 16, 2020


Click on an applicant's name to view more information. Click on "Filter Applicants" to restrict the list to particular villages, towns, school districts or fire departments. Candidate residency is reviewed and updated when a residential certification is requested. Candidates must be residents for at least thirty (30) days before they are eligible to appear on a residential certification.

Filter Applicants by Town/Village/Fire/School
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  (inactive in italic)
Pos. Name Exam
Notes Activity Residency
1 BENWITZ, GERALD 90.00 90.00
2 ANDERSON, GERALD 90.00 90.00
3 RODRIGUEZ, JASON 90.00 90.00
4 HAYES, JASON 90.00 90.00
5 PLUMERI, RICHARD 90.00 90.00
6 PELITERA, PATRICIA 85.00 85.00
7 SNOW, TRAVIS 85.00 85.00
8 O'CONNELL, CAILEIGH 80.00 80.00
9 SPILLAN, MICHAEL 75.00 75.00
10 PISCIOTTA, KEVIN 70.00 70.00

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