Network Technician

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No.: NT-0101-22 Name: Network Technician
Type: Civil Service Exams Deadline: 11/05/21 05:00PM
Exam Date: 01/01/22 08:30AM Price: $15.00
Salary: Varies with other agencies

Description of Duties

This is an entry-level technical position involving responsibility for the installation, operation and repair of user equipment that comprises part of the telecommunications network such as micro processors, computer terminals, printers and modems.  The employee reports directly to and works under the general supervision of a senior staff member; employees travel to various departments that are on‑line to service computer equipment.  Supervision of others is not a responsibility of this class. 


Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from high school or possession of an equivalency diploma, plus EITHER:
(A) Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with an Associate's degree in an information technology related field;
(B) Two (2) years of paid full‑time or its part‑time equivalent* experience in the operation, installation, or maintenance/repair of a computer network server or
network operating system; OR,
(C) Successful completion of a recognized course in computer operations and repair such as training courses offered by the military, computer hardware vendors or consultants or any other training course providing "hands on" computer operation experience, plus one (1) year paid full‑time or its part‑time equivalent* experience as described in (B), OR;
(D) Any equivalent combination of education and experience as defined by the limits of (A), (B), or (C) above.
NOTE: Applicants qualifying under option (C) must submit a certificate, diploma or letter of confirmation in support of satisfactory program completion. Computer Operation shall not include experience in the operation of word processing equipment, or a personal computer, micro‑computer or any other self‑contained unit.


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