Probation Supervisor

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No.: P-70809 Name: Probation Supervisor
Type: Civil Service Exams Deadline: 04/27/21 05:00PM
Exam Date: 06/26/21 08:30AM Price: N/A
Salary: $63,147 - $81,434 annually
Agency/Dept.: Monroe County Department of Public Safety

Description of Duties

This is a first-line supervisory position in a probation department. The incumbent supervises the activities of four to seven Probation Officer Trainees, Probation Officers or Senior Probation Officers who are responsible for the control, supervision and care of adults and juveniles subject to probation investigation, supervision or intake services which requires them to meet certain standards of conduct.  A Probation Supervisor may supervise clerical employees, Probation Assistants or volunteers.  The incumbent may also direct the work of a district office or a special unit of a probation agency of moderate size and oversee special projects.  The work is performed under the supervision of a higher level probation professional with moderate leeway allowed to exercise independent judgment in carrying out the details of the work. This position differs from that of a Probation Officer or a Senior Probation Officer in that the work is primarily supervisory in nature and the incumbent possesses greater independence of action. A Probation Supervisor is a Peace Officer pursuant to Criminal Procedure Law Section 2.10 and may be authorized to carry a firearm in the performance of his/her duties. 

Minimum Qualifications

One (1) year of permanent competitive class service as a Senior Probation Officer or three (3) years of permanent competitive class service as a Probation Officer.  

Note: Individuals whose duties and responsibilities include the use of a firearm must also complete training pursuant to Criminal Procedure Law Section 2.30(3).

Note: The class specifications including the minimum qualifications for positions in Probation Departments are established by rule and regulations of the Division of Criminal Justice Services. These class specifications are found in Title 9 NYCRR Part 347, Appendix H-10, Standard Specifications for Professional Probation Positions.

Note: This position is allocated to the competitive class pursuant to Executive Law Section 257(1).   

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