Deputy Director of Public Safety

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Location: Rochester, NY Name: Deputy Director of Public Safety
Type: County Department Job Announcements Deadline: 10/06/20 05:00PM
Price: N/A
Salary: $93,085 - $117,798 annually

Description of Duties

This is an administrative and supervisory position responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the various subdivisions comprising the Public Safety Department.  The Deputy Director assists the Director to administer and supervise all services of the Department.  The incumbent has authorization to act for and in place of the Director in the Director's absence.  This position serves as the County’s Emergency Preparedness Administrator responsible for all emergency preparedness activities including but not limited to:  Coordinating all large scale disaster prevention, mitigation and response of recovery situations; coordinates assistance claims to federal and state agencies on behalf of localities affected by disaster; and ensures compliance with grant requirements.  The Deputy Director of Public Safety will continue to build positive working relationships with partner entities that are engaged with the Department of Public Safety.  The Deputy Director will offer support and guidance for the public safety projects assigned to the department in support of agencies within the County of Monroe.  The incumbent reports directly to, and works under general supervision from, the Director of Public Safety.  General supervision is exercised over assigned subdivision heads.  Does related work as required.

Minimum Qualifications


Thorough knowledge of existing public safety services and organizations; good knowledge of the activities, goals and concerns of public safety divisions; good knowledge of the conditions and needs of the community pertaining to public preparedness, emergency communications, central police services, fire and emergency medical services, general judicial services, weights and measures, and other public safety services; good oral and written communication skills; ability to act for and in place of the Director; ability to coordinate many complex organizations into systematic relationships; ability to develop, recommend and implement operating plans and policies; ability to develop comprehensive budget proposals; ability to develop and incorporate annual planning programs; ability to interrelate with and inspire productive working relationships with others of differing views; ability to relate and work closely with community agencies; ability to resolve conflicts; personal motivation and initiative; good judgment, tact; integrity; health commensurate with the demands of the position.

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