Distribution Maintenance Mechanic

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No.: P-74564 Name: Distribution Maintenance Mechanic
Type: Civil Service Exams Deadline: 01/14/20 05:00PM
Exam Date: 02/29/20 08:30AM Price: $15.00
Salary: $28.02 - $37.20 hourly

Description of Duties

This is a mechanical position at the Monroe County Water Authority responsible for a wide variety of complex, skilled tasks in the installation and maintenance of water mains, services, valves and hydrants, utilizing a number of specialized types of power equipment.  The employee performs complex mechanical duties independently and exercises judgment in the solution of work site problems.  The employee must be able to move and install various tools and equipment of significant weight.  Employees work in confined or restricted spaces including sub-grade facilities and must be able to maneuver and work in tight quarters around machinery.  The job may require employees to work outdoors in inclement weather and to work various shifts on a seven (7) day per week basis.  Employees must be available for emergency duty call twenty-four (24) hours a day.  Certain departments may establish minimum call-in requirements and conditions.  Work may also include assignments in the Back-flow Prevention program, Leak Detection program, valve crew, sewer stake outs, or serviceman areas.  The employee reports directly to and works under the general supervision of a Foreman of Distribution or Supervisor of Distribution. Direct supervision may be exercised over Maintenance Mechanics, Skilled Laborers and Laborers. May perform duties of Foreman of Distribution as required. 


Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must be permanently employed in the non-competitive class at the Monroe County Water Authority and must have served continuously on a permanent basis for twenty-four (24) months holding the position Maintenance Mechanic III or Maintenance Mechanic II immediately preceding the date of the written test.


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