Director of Public Safety

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Location: Rochester, NY Name: Director of Public Safety
Type: County Department Job Announcements Deadline: Until Filled
Price: N/A
Salary: $118,662 - $148,373 annually

Description of Duties

This is an administrative position responsible for the administration, coordination and oversight of certain protective services operated by Monroe County including, but not limited to, Central Police Services, Probation, Public Safety Services (911 Emergency Communications, STOP DWI, Public Safety Grants, Traffic Board, Proceeds of Forfeited Property), Public Safety Communications, Emergency Services (administers the emergency management, mitigation planning, terrorism prevention and civil defense functions of the County), Mutual Aid Fire Bureau (administers County and State fire training and mutual aid in cases of fires or other incidents where multiple fire agencies and firefighters are utilized), County Crime Laboratory and Weights and Measures.  Duties involve managing the County's involvement in the 911 program.  While supervision is not exercised over such offices as the Sheriff, District Attorney, and Public Defender, the Director of Public Safety develops and maintains a close working relationship with these judicial services to ensure an efficient and consistent coordination of all public safety and judicial services.  General supervision is exercised over division heads and a professional and clerical staff.  The employee reports directly to, and works under the general supervision of the County Executive.  Does related work as required.

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