Principal Office Account Clerk

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No.: P-78325 Name: Principal Office Account Clerk
Type: Civil Service Exams Deadline: 01/04/18 05:00PM
Exam Date: 03/03/18 08:30AM Price: N/A
Salary: $29,933 - $38,273 annually

Description of Duties

This is an upper level financial clerical position responsible for the planning, assigning and review of account keeping and
financial record keeping activities of an account clerical staff assigned to a unit or department and/or performing higher
level account clerk work involving activities such as financial analysis, problem solving, and financial data manipulation
with leeway allowed for independent decision making. Duties include developing financial reports requiring the collection
and computation of data obtained from numerous accounts and records. The duties are non-routine, are performed in
support of an accounting/financial staff, and involve substantial use of an automated account keeping system. The
employee reports directly to, and works under the general supervision of an Accountant or other higher level staff
member. General supervision or lead supervision may be exercised over clerical staff.

Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must be permanently employed in the competitive class at Monroe County Department and must have
served continuously on a permanent basis for twelve (12) months holding the position of Senior Account Clerk or
Senior Office Account Clerk, immediately preceding the date of the written test.

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